DIY Home Security Essentials

Home security systems and cameras are ONLY the beginning. What about bump keys? Or someone who knows how to pick a lock? How secure is YOUR home?

Home Security ManualDIY Home Security Manual
Before you buy security cameras, or invest in any kind of alarm system, buy and read this DIY home security manual! And then read it again! Cameras and Home Security Systems are your LAST lines of defense. They only come into play AFTER the burglar enters your home! Read this manual and make sure you’ve done everything you can to reduce your home’s “curb appeal” in the mind of the burglar, and hardened the target to stop him from getting inside in the first place!! Cameras and alarm systems ARE essential, but only the beginning! This manual covers it all, including several DIY home security solutions.

VivintVivint Home Security System
An alarm system should definitely be included in any home security plan. Vivint offers the most modern system available. In addition to the staples of door and window sensors and motion sensors, Vivint includes cameras and an awesome app for your phone or tablet. An alarm event can trigger your cameras to record video, and of course you can watch the footage live on your device.

Medeco DeadboltMedeco High Security Deadbolts
95% of the deadbolts in this country can be opened with a bump key, which is purchased cheaply on the Internet. Medeco locks are one of a tiny number that are completely resistant to bump keys. They’re also very difficult to pick. This is one critical component in keeping the burglar out, so the home security systems and security cameras don’t even come into play!

Armor ConceptsArmor Concepts
Most entry doors can be kicked in extremely easily–it usually takes only one kick! This is because most often, the strike plate is anchored into the door jamb only with short screws. One fix is to use 3-inch screws to anchor the strike plate directly to the studs. But to provide maximum strength, you need to use these high security door reinforcements.

Security DoorSecurity Screen Door
Hardening the target is a crucial component in defending your home against forced entry. These screen doors add an extra layer or protection. And a deterrent–just seeing these on your house may be enough to motivate a burglar to go elsewhere.

If you need to add cameras independent of a home security system, DropCam is the simplest way to go. Once installed, these cameras can be viewed from anywhere with an Internet connection–on your computer, phone or tablet. DropCam cameras needs no technical expertise to install.

HooToo’s IP home security camera costs much less than DropCam, but definitely requires some technical knowledge to set up properly. If you know how to set up port forwarding on your wi-fi router, you have the necessary know-how. They include infrared for night use, as well as pan and tilt controls, making a great addition to your home security plan. I’ve found the best app for this camera is one called CamViewer by John McKerrell. That’s only available on iOS, but Android has several IP camera apps as well.