Armor for your door

Do you have any idea how easy it is to kick in a door? You could have the highest security deadbolt in the world, and one good, solid kick will render that deadbolt completely irrelevant. Who cares about bump keys when kicking in the door is this easy!

In 90% of the cases, when someone kicks in a door, it’s not the door that breaks, or even the lock. It’s the door jamb. That flimsy little piece of wood is not going to stand up to a kick.

The real problem is that in far too many instances, the strike plate is screwed into the jamb with tiny screws. The strike plate is the metal piece in the door frame into which the actual bolt of the deadbolt inserts.

At a minimum, you want to screw that strike plate into the frame with 3″ screws. That’s going to attach it directly to the studs–the frame of the actual house.

But ideally, you should get armor for your door. Click this link, and order their EZ Armor and door reinforcements. It’s super easy to install. And once you do, King Kong won’t be able to kick in your door.


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