Testing your glass break detectors

Glass break simulatorIt’s super important to test your alarm system at least once every six months, or after you add new sensors. Easy enough for door and window sensors. What about glass break detectors?

To test these, you need a glass break simulator. You can get one on Amazon by clicking here.

To use it, start by putting the glass break detector in test mode. With the 2Gig/Vivint models, do this by pressing and holding the button on the detector for a few seconds. It will flash when it’s entered test mode.

Next, go to a window within range of the detector. Activate the glass break simulator. Hold it near the window, and hit the glass with your fist–hard enough to make a “thud” sound, but obviously not so hard that you break the window!

When the simulator “hears” the thud, it will emit a glass break noise. The 2Gig/Vivint glass break detector will flash the green LED when it detects the thud, and then the red LED when it “hears” the glass break simulation.

Detectors from other companies will work in a similar manner; make sure to check your owner’s manual for specific instructions.


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