Warning to homeowners

High security deadboltHomeowners need to be mindful of their homeowner’s insurance policies. In the case of a burglary, their belongings may not be covered if there’s no proof of a forced entry.

If a burglar bumps or picks your lock, robs your home, and then leaves the way he came, there will be no evidence that anyone entered your home unlawfully. When the police arrive, they will note in their report that there was no sign of a forced entry. And without that, you may be on your own when it comes to covering your losses. The insurance company will claim that you might have just been careless and forgot to lock your door.

If, however, you’ve installed high-security deadbolts that the burglar couldn’t bump or pick, they’ll have no choice but to try kicking open the door or breaking in through a window. But there’s an important distinction: these methods leave clear signs of forced entry. And with that, your homeowner’s policy should cover the incident.


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