The Problem with Kwikset SmartKey

SmartKeyKwikset came out with their Smartkey technology back in 2008. Essentially, this allows the homeowner to re-key the lock to a different key without having to replace the lock itself. It’s a convenience factor for those times when you lose a key, or if a tenant moves out of a rental property.

But the problem is that the tool used to re-key the lock can also be used by a burglar the same way. In theory, you have to put the original key in the lock to use the re-keying tool. But in reality, there are easy ways to overcome this. A thin piece of metal can be inserted into the keyhole and used to engage the re-keying mechanism.

Worse, a wire can be used to bypass the locking mechanism all together. This gives someone entry to the home without even re-keying the lock.

These locks are extremely insecure, and account for nearly 75% of the locks being sold in this country today. If you have one on your door, I highly recommend changing it out for something much more secure.


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