About Me

Ken WarnerHi, my name is Ken Warner. A little about my background… I graduated from Wesleyan University in 1993 with a BA in English and Astronomy. That means I spent a lot of time problem solving, and probably even more time writing. I’m also a 5th degree black belt in kempo karate, and I’ve been teaching martial arts and self defense for over 25 years. In addition, I’m also a fiction writer–I’ve completed eight novels now, including an entire YA fantasy series.

But I’m also a homeowner. And as such, I care deeply about the security of my home, and protecting my family from burglaries and home invasions. I had a home security system and security cameras for a while, and felt like I was pretty safe. Until I started looking into the matter more deeply. What I found was shocking. Not only was my home completely insecure, I realized that my alarm system was simply not configured properly to do its job.

As a result, I spent countless hours, days and months researching and beefing up the security of my home. It seemed like it took ages, but now I finally know I’m much safer from burglaries and home invasions than I ever was before. And after amassing all this knowledge, I decided I wanted to share it–to help make other homeowners safer in their homes. This project is a direct result of that desire.