Door Armor for Side Light Doors

sidelightdisplayDoors with side lights present a special challenge. Regular door reinforcements most likely will not work, because of the side light between the door jamb and the frame of the house. To truly fortify the door requires some extra work. But Armor Concepts has you covered.

Click this link to check out their special kit just for doors with side lights. This is the only product on the market I’ve seen that offers this kind of reinforcement for these type of doors.


Now They Can Make Bump Keys with 3D Printers

keybump-inline-lead-660x443According to this article on Tech Crunch, a team has now developed a way to make a bump key with a 3D printer. Worse, they can take a picture of the keyhole to make a bump key for any lock. Having a deadbolt with an obscure keyway won’t protect against this technique at all. Even if yours is the only lock in the world with a particular keyway, they could make a bump key for it based on a simple picture.

The only way to overcome this deficiency is to install a lock that can’t be bumped–like the Abloy Protec2.

Don’t make the burglar’s job easy

Lock your doorsThis point may seem obvious. But remember, the burglar is always going to look for the path of least resistance. If he spots an open window on a vacant home, that alone may be the reason he picks your house. If he can just open the back door, without kicking it in, without resorting to a bump key or picking the lock, his job becomes far easier. And burglars will and do enter homes through windows. So keep them closed, and keep the latches closed. 

Although 95% of the deadbolts in this country can be opened with a bump key, it’s also true that burglars will look for doors without deadbolts. These provide the easiest possible targets. So if you don’t already have them, make sure to install deadbolts in every entry door into your house!

Pick proof and bump proof deadbolt

abloyVery few deadbolt locks on the market are resistant to bump attacks. In fact, if a lock has a standard pin and tumbler mechanism, it can be bumped. Even fewer deadbolts are resistant to lock picking.

But the Abloy Protec2 is one that cannot be bumped or picked.

The reason for this is that it doesn’t use the pin and tumbler found on nearly every commercial deadbolt. Instead, it uses a series of rotating discs. This mechanism provides far greater security.

These locks are not the kind you can find at the big box stores. You’d have to find a locksmith that carries them. But you can buy them online here.

Watch out for those small openings

When I first started improving my home security, I just assumed my basement windows were too small for anyone to fit through. That is, until I watched that video.

The opening that man fits through is the size of a standard piece of paper–8.5 by 11 inches!

The important thing to remember here is that prison bars are spaced roughly 4.75″ apart from each other. If you’ve got a gap any larger than that just assume that there’s someone out there who could fit through it, and act accordingly! For me, this meant some DIY window bars on my basement windows.

(More on that in an upcoming post!)

Warning to homeowners

High security deadboltHomeowners need to be mindful of their homeowner’s insurance policies. In the case of a burglary, their belongings may not be covered if there’s no proof of a forced entry.

If a burglar bumps or picks your lock, robs your home, and then leaves the way he came, there will be no evidence that anyone entered your home unlawfully. When the police arrive, they will note in their report that there was no sign of a forced entry. And without that, you may be on your own when it comes to covering your losses. The insurance company will claim that you might have just been careless and forgot to lock your door.

If, however, you’ve installed high-security deadbolts that the burglar couldn’t bump or pick, they’ll have no choice but to try kicking open the door or breaking in through a window. But there’s an important distinction: these methods leave clear signs of forced entry. And with that, your homeowner’s policy should cover the incident.

Armor for your door

Do you have any idea how easy it is to kick in a door? You could have the highest security deadbolt in the world, and one good, solid kick will render that deadbolt completely irrelevant. Who cares about bump keys when kicking in the door is this easy!

In 90% of the cases, when someone kicks in a door, it’s not the door that breaks, or even the lock. It’s the door jamb. That flimsy little piece of wood is not going to stand up to a kick.

The real problem is that in far too many instances, the strike plate is screwed into the jamb with tiny screws. The strike plate is the metal piece in the door frame into which the actual bolt of the deadbolt inserts.

At a minimum, you want to screw that strike plate into the frame with 3″ screws. That’s going to attach it directly to the studs–the frame of the actual house.

But ideally, you should get armor for your door. Click this link, and order their EZ Armor and door reinforcements. It’s super easy to install. And once you do, King Kong won’t be able to kick in your door.