Inexpensive Security Camera

HooToo security cameraSecurity cameras are definitely an important part of any home security strategy. Many home security systems include the option to add cameras to your system. Otherwise, Dropcam is an awesome option independent of any home security system. But Dropcam is a bit pricey.

Another option is an infrared IP camera from HooToo, available by clicking here.

This camera requires a bit of technical expertise to install. If you know how to forward a port on your Wi-Fi router, then you’ve got the necessary know-how to set up this camera. Just scan your network, find the IP address, and assign it as a static IP address to the camera. Then use the URL on the bottom of the camera, set up the port forwarding and you’re good to go.

The HooToo camera includes infrared LEDs for use at night, and pan and tilt functionality as well. The only issue is the app from HooToo, which in my experience doesn’t work too well. But I’ve found an appĀ called CamViewer by John McKerrell works perfectly. That’s only available in iOS, but Android also has many IP camera apps available.