The Problem with Kwikset SmartKey

SmartKeyKwikset came out with their Smartkey technology back in 2008. Essentially, this allows the homeowner to re-key the lock to a different key without having to replace the lock itself. It’s a convenience factor for those times when you lose a key, or if a tenant moves out of a rental property.

But the problem is that the tool used to re-key the lock can also be used by a burglar the same way. In theory, you have to put the original key in the lock to use the re-keying tool. But in reality, there are easy ways to overcome this. A thin piece of metal can be inserted into the keyhole and used to engage the re-keying mechanism.

Worse, a wire can be used to bypass the locking mechanism all together. This gives someone entry to the home without even re-keying the lock.

These locks are extremely insecure, and account for nearly 75% of the locks being sold in this country today. If you have one on your door, I highly recommend changing it out for something much more secure.

Good number for speed-dial

Emergency contactIf you’ve got an iPhone or an Android phone or pretty much any other modern smartphone, there’s an area for “Favorite” contacts.

One number you should definitely include there is your local police department’s. I always keep the main number for the police department in the town where I live, as well as that of the town where I work.

This way should you arrive home and find your door ajar, when you know nobody’s home, you can call the police immediately without entering your home yourself. Or if you see something suspicious in your neighborhood while you’re walking your dog, the police are just one click away.

Welcome to the Total Home Security Blog!

The mission of this blog will be to educate and inform, to bring to the public thorough knowledge of what it takes to truly protect your home from burglary and home invasion. Security cameras and home security systems comprise an essential piece of this puzzle–but there’s so much more to it. I’ll be addressing topics like reducing your home’s curb appeal to burglars–meaning they’re less likely to target your home in the first place. And I’ll cover ways to harden the target–i.e. making it harder for them to enter your home in the first place. Remember, security cameras and home security systems don’t come into effect until the burglar is already in your home!

So welcome aboard, and check back often for updates!